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We create, integrate, and utilize business knowledge to transform the lives and livelihood of our people. You have chosen the right place to pursue and further your studies by the willingness to be integrated into our school. We are committed to offering a world-class university education and training that combines the love and respect for humanity.


We warmly welcome you to the University of Nairobi, School of Business. We are impressed that you have chosen our Business School for your studies abroad.  Our commitment is scholarly excellence. You will experience our student-centered teaching and learn the process.  We empower minds and transform business practice in congruency with the changing management practice and the business world.

During the orientation session, a profile of our institution will be given that will enable you to develop a sense of belonging and accustom with our culture.  Your contribution to the cosmopolitan culture of our university is much welcomed.


Our on-campus student organizations include Religious Organizations, Sports Clubs, discipline-specific clubs, Diplomatic associations, etc. Hope you will enjoy participating in one or more.  ‘Karibu Sana’



Students to fill the application form available at the link .The minimum academic requirement for undergraduate courses is a mean grade of a C+ or its equivalent and a C+ [u1] in Mathematics and English.

We also offer a variety of graduate courses, namely;

Masters of Business Administration

PhD in Business Administration

For more information on admission click on the links below: for undergraduate courses or for graduate courses



Through our main Campus in Nairobi, the school has established  partners globally in teaching, research and innovation and more importantly sharing of knowledge. Our international partners include:

  • GfK  Verein-Germany
  • Switzerland Management Centre University
  • Makerere University Business School
  • Association Of African Business Schools (AABS)
  • Shanghai Finance University
  • Operation Research Society Of Eastern Africa Conference.
  • University Of Dar Es Salaam Business school



We enable our students to create local and international links with the business world and enhance their global thinking through our exchange programs. We, hence, produce students with an integral business culture who drive the global businesses.  Our exchange program enables international students to familiarize themselves with the business opportunities and upcoming business innovations in the biggest economy in East and Central Africa, one of the world’s fast growing, top in Africa and amongst the top twenty most successful cities in the world for its innovation. The Nairobi City will give you more than a business school.

The cross-cultural exchange will prepare you for the boundless world of business, steer your energy for growth and quench your thirst of being a key player in the business arena. We organize forums such as international conferences, public lectures and seminars that enable our students to think and bring positive change to the business world.


Welcome to Mombasa,Kenya!


Director, Mombasa Campus

P. O. Box 83732-80100, Mombasa

Tel: 020 2059161

VOIP: 020491-9801/9802


Associate Dean, SOL, Mombasa

Tel: 0771241363

VOIP: 020491-9804


Assi. Cordinator, SOB, Mombasa

Tel: 0208095398

VOIP: 020491-9803


Coordinator, EMC, Mombasa

School of Continuing and Distance Education

Tel: 0202649890



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