Security and Safety Services

Security is a service which was established to provide security to persons and property to all students, staff and tenants in the campus

Core functions:

  • Prevention and detection of crime.
  • Collection of intelligence
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Apprehension of offenders
  • Security and safety sensitization to staff, students and tenants.
  • Conduct fire and safety drills.

The security department offers the following services;

Issuance of car park stickers, laptop pass and stickers.

Staff in the security department:

  • Stanley .M. Mukunza-Campus Security Chief.
  • Ann .W Nzioki- Ass. Security Officer
  • Elias.M. Mwang’ombe- Security supervisor.
  • Jacob. M. Mwania- Security guard
  • Ezekiel. A. Anjili-Security guard
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