Towards an inclusive campus environment:supporting persons with disabilities

In an online disability Sensitization Forum held today 23/06/2020 by the UoN MSA campus staff, that focused on “towards an inclusive campus environment: supporting persons with disabilities” the speaker Dr. Annette Mbogoh pointed the following recommendations and way forward: Full re-commitment and implementation of the Disability Policy, Establishment and operationalization of a disability mainstreaming committee, Establishment and operationalization of a campus disability desk and resource centre for support services for students and staff with disabilities, Sensitization on disability e.g. Disability awareness days, training for teaching and non-teaching staff, Allocation of resources to improve facilities and services to be disability friendly, Accessibility and provision of assistive devices for students with disabilities e.g. wheel chairs, adjustable seating and tables, attendant care where necessary etc. Admission of students with disabilities and hiring of staff with disabilities, Office of Dean of Students to have disaggregated data on PWDs, identify and support students with disabilities requiring guides, readers and sign interpreters, Subject to privacy protocols sharing of information about students with disabilities should be availed to relevant academic and non-academic staff and Fee waivers or bursaries for students with disabilities.

The Dean of students, Miss. Catherine Gatwiri, outlined how the campus has navigated the whole issue and current status of supporting persons with disabilities, by establishment of disability committee.

The campus director, Dr.Sarah Kinyanjui, thanked everyone for attending the virtual disability Sensitization Forum, and emphasized that we all need to embrace and support persons with disabilities