Finance Students Association (FISA)

FISA is a professional club which deals with students specializing in finance and accounting to practice and perfect on their areas of specialization. Students from other areas of specialization such as procurement, operations, marketing and even different disciplines like law, economics and education are encouraged to be members, because the club is basically beneficial to all students.


1) To create awareness among students on the role of finance in the business environment via holding seminars and public lectures.

2)To enhance the interaction of the members with other sectors in the economy, with special reference to the financing sector, while at the same time, instill a sense of responsibility (to the students) towards the society.

3) To establish and maintain contact with the government, banks, industrial and commercial enterprises, professional firms, academia and professional institutions both within and without Kenya in order to have a broad spectrum of the practice of finance and to reconcile this with the academic pursuits of the members.

4)To carry out any activities that might conceivably enhance, supplement or embellish the understanding and knowledge of finance or any subject ancillary thereto as stipulated in our proposed areas of mutual co-operation.

5) Forster and promote mutual trust and understanding among members in pursuit of meeting the objectives of the organization and promote and protect the academic rights, interest and welfare of the finance students.


1)To organize public lectures, talks, seminars, workshops on topics of general interest. The speakers in such forums can be from within and without the University.

2)To arrange for members to visit business firms and financial institutions where they may be exposed to the practice of finance, banking and business functions.

3)To organize study groups to investigate the problems hindering the development of the finance sector in Kenya, and communicate the findings and the recommended solutions to the relevant parties.

4) To organize recreational facilities within and without the University of Nairobi.

5) To perform any other lawful activity as members may deem fit and relevant.

Therefore as a student of University of Nairobi you should make a point of joining the best club around the school....... “FISA CLUB.”


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