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Makalia Adventures Ltd

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School of Arts Mombasa

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Debre Markos University

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Kanazawa University

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Makerere University

Makerere University

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Soka University

Soka University

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School of Business Mombasa

Association Of African Business Schools (aabs)

The School remains an active member of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) which acts as a benchmarking body for business schools across the continent.

Link: Association of African Business Schools (AABS)

Barclays Bank

 The School has a collaboration with the Barclays Bank, where the bank has sponsored an Endowed Chair to in the Department of Finance and Accounting.


Gfk Verein

The GfK Verein is the 4th largest marketing research  organization in the world, and sees itself primarily as an organization to further the fundamental knowledge required to research markets worldwide.



Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya Revenue Authority has a collaboration  with  the University of Nairobi in offering the following programmes through the School of Busines, Department of  Finance and Accounting:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Customs Administration and Border control
  • Diploma in Revenue Administration
  • Certificate programme in  Revenue Administration



Makerere University Business School

  • The School is collaboration with University of Dar es Salaam ,Business  School and Makerere University ,  Business School  in organizing Operations Research Society of Eastern Africa ( ORSEA)  conferences .


Sokoni Magazine

Sokoni is Kenya's premier marketer's Journal

Sokoni,the official bi-monthly magazine for the Marketing Society of Kenya(MSK),provides original,knowledge based content relevant to the industry's professionals on current marketing practices,issues and trends;management and leadership strategies;and business developments.The magazine is distributed across all Individual,Associate,Corporate and partner MSK organizations throughtout Kenya,the eastern and southern Africa Region,and will also be available at retail outlets to the general public and globally via the Online Edition effective May 2012

Sokoni would like to interest the School of Business-University of Nairobi in contributing articles on any tropical business or marketing -related issue(s).These may also include articles on related on-going or planned events.Contributions from the Dean ,School of Business on any Topical Business/Marketing issue are also welcome.

Link: Sokoni Magazine

Switzerland Management Centre ( Smc ) University

Switzerland Management Center University (SMC University), is a Switzerland based institution  focused on delivering online based asynchronouse education  programmes to a worldwide audience; and has the objective to deliver  its programms to Kenyan students; to expand its competencies in e-Learning to other universities through  mutual cooperation programs.


The programs offered will be Master of Science (MSc) in the following specializations 

Master of Science In Human Resource Management, Entreprenuership And Innovations Management and Doctorate programme in each of the above specialization.



University Of Dar Es Salaam - Business School

  • School has collaboration with University of Dar es Salaam Business  School and Makerere University   Business School  in organizing Operations Research Society of Eastern Africa ( ORSEA)  conference .


School of CODL Mombasa

Biosafety Programs At Ministry Of Health


J.O. Odumbe and Dr. Charles Wafula have been involved in the development of self instructional materials for Biosafety programs at the ministry of Health

Link: Biosafety Issues and activities in Kenya

Colorado State University

Colorado State University and the University of Nairobi are partnering to bring the new center to realization. The Center for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies at the University of Nairobi will transform the institution’s capacity in teaching, research, and outreach so that students and faculty can work with dryland communities, civil society, the private sector and government to ensure sustainability and productivity of dryland ecosystems. These actions will in turn foster the development of—and food security for—pastoral society in the region.

Link: CSU and UoN cement relations

Department Of Distance Studies

Development of Post graduate e-Learning materials 


Department Of Education And Communication And Technology

Development of Post graduate e-Learning materials


Department Of Educational Administration And Planning

Development of post graduate e-Learning Materials.


Department Of Educational Foundations

Development of post graduate e-Learning materials


Department Of Extra Mural Studies


Director, Codl,working With Rogo University College

Director CODL giving orientation for Deans and Directors headed by their Principal on ODEL Training by three Universities i.e

University of Nairobi,Moi University and Maseno University.The objective was to help younger Universities to grow to maturity.


Link: View Details

Faculty Of Agriculture

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


Faculty Of Arts

Development of undergraduate and graduate e-Learning materials.Only religious studies has started developing post graduate materials.


Kenya Wildlife Training Institute


Maryland University


Partnership for Advanced Clinical Education (PACE)

The Partnership for Advanced Clinical Education (PACE) is a collaboration between University of Maryland’s, Institute of Human Virology and University of Nairobi’s, School of Medicine. The projectreceived a 5 year CDC/PEPFAR training grant in September 2009, to support NASCOP in strengthening HIV training at pre-service (universities and training colleges), in-service and laboratory institutions.  The grant also involves the transfer of high level technical capacity to Kenyan health care professionals with the intention of enabling local partners to fully manage programs supported by the United States Government in the near future.

Link: The University of Maryland

Maseno University E-campus

Link: View Details



The National AIDS and STIs Control Programme (NASCOP) was established in 1987 to spearhead the Ministry of Health's interventions on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

NASCOP therefore operates as a division within the Ministries of Health and is mainly involved with technical co-ordination of HIV and AIDS programmes in Kenya. NASCOP contributes to the bulk of the implementation of the Kenya National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan III (KNASP III).


Through partner organisations, NASCOP also conducts regular HIV testing targeting specific groups including youth of all ages; students and their teachers; workers in both formal and informal sectors; faith-based groups; those in high risk occupations such as long-distance drivers, fishermen and commercial sex workers; women; married couples; members of the uniformed services and refugees. The most important entry point into this continuum of care is HIV testing and knowing one's HIV status. Our belief as NASCOP is that if every Kenyan was tested for HIV and every person infected provided with appropriate treatment, then HIV will be brought under control.


Quality Assurance Training Facilitated By Director, Codl, In Moi University






Link: View Details

Rongo University College

Link: View Details

School Of Biological And Physical Sciences

Development of undergraduate and graduate e-Learning materials


School Of Business

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials.


Courses offered under distance include:

Bachelor of Commerce Click here for more information



School Of Dental Sciences

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


School Of Dental Sciences

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


School Of Medicine

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


School Of Nursing

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


School Of Pharmacy

Development of undergraduate e-Learning materials


Wangari Maathai Institute

Development of post graduate e-Learning materials


Working With Other Universities To Develop Odel Materials

Group Photo after quality assurance training in Moi University.

Link: View Details

School of Law Mombasa

Boston University School Of Law Faculty Visit

The Staff and Students of Boston University School of Law recently visited UoN School of Law, where faculty members interacted both Staff and Students. This was part of naturing of the MOU through a symposium on comparative constitutional and administrative legal systems spanning several jurisdictions.

Link: View Details

Collaborations In Law

The school of law has collaborations with various institutions including;


Link: International Links And Collaborations


Director, Mombasa Campus

P. O. Box 83732-80100, Mombasa

Tel: 020 2059161

VOIP: 020491-9801/9802


Associate Dean, SOL, Mombasa

Tel: 0771241363

VOIP: 020491-9804


Assi. Cordinator, SOB, Mombasa

Tel: 0208095398

VOIP: 020491-9803


Coordinator, EMC, Mombasa

School of Continuing and Distance Education

Tel: 0202649890



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