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The Department of Sports and Games, Mombasa Campus is located at Uniplaza, 7th floor and the Department is headed by a Games Assistant. The responsibility  of the Games Assistant is to coach, manage and supervise student’s sports activities both in training sessions and during competitive tournaments with other tertiary institutions.


The Department of Sports and Games offers a wide variety of sports /games which are categorized as either outdoor or indoor. Outdoor games include Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Field Athletics, Netball and swimming. Indoor Games are Badminton, Srabble, Chess and Table tennis.

The Department of sports and Games encourages all students to participate in sports so as to experience the benefits accruing from such participation including, mental, physical, social and emotional well being.

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Director, Mombasa Campus

P. O. Box 83732-80100, Mombasa

Tel: 020 2059161

VOIP: 020491-9801/9802


Associate Dean, SOL, Mombasa

Tel: 0771241363

VOIP: 020491-9804


Assi. Cordinator, SOB, Mombasa

Tel: 0208095398

VOIP: 020491-9803


Coordinator, EMC, Mombasa

School of Continuing and Distance Education

Tel: 0202649890



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