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When is the last time you had some time alone? No class, work, friends or family. Just you and your thoughts and sleep doesn’t count.

We often hear about family time, time out with friends and leisure time, all this we spend with people we love and care for or with things we like to do or both. But do you know that you need some time alone with yourself too? Crazy I know you would say ‘I carry myself everywhere all the time’. But me time is not all about you as a person alone or you lying on the couch for a Sunday in. it’s actually something way beyond that.

Me time is some time as little as 10 minutes or as much as 3 hours of you and your thoughts. It’s the time you give yourself to reflect on who you were, who you are and whoyou are going to be. This is just part of it. It goes on further to having fun with yourself not by yourself. Instead of going out with friends, you be on your own, for some time – solitary moments.

Me time is different for everyone as each one of us is unique. Me time is all about embracing who you are, loving yourself and enhancing yourself. Ever heard of the phrase ‘I know you better than yourself’ from a parent, sibling, friend or spouse (basically anyone very close to you)? Well, that might be a result of spending lots of time with them without you knowing (which is fine.). But then, that should leave you asking“how well do I know myself?” and that’s when the bulb in your head lights up and says it’s time to discover myself.

Me time is all about taking the rest of the world, including your close ones, and putting them aside. You then reflect on yourself. It again varies how we spend our ‘me time’. It can be as simple as locating that one cozy corner having a cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream (yummmm) or a shopping spree in town.

Now you might be thinking I have gone crazy or making you selfish or something, but that’s not the case because the so-called “me time” has its benefits to both you and your surroundings. How you ask? Well, when you reflect on yourself, it automatically makes a major enhancement on yourself because you understand yourself better, it gives you confidence and self-esteem. With this you can also enhance your work life and your personal life. You see yourself interacting more. Venturinginto new things now feels much more secure, appreciation towards your friends and family increases, creativity is enhanced and eventually you realize your potential in life. All these happens because you now know yourself, your ability, your weaknesses, your strengths and your treasures better.

With the increasing loads of life we tend to forget ourselves and end up with the usual boring cycle of work and home. Some family time is squeezed in very reluctantly but you still feel incomplete. That’s because you don’t have time for yourself. I am not saying draw the curtains on the responsibilities of life and forget about the world and go on a long vacation. No, just a few minutes a day or an hour once every week or so to yourself is more than enough (the time really depends on you). It lets you be in touch with yourself.

So, schedule some time with yourself, make some snacks or some delicious food, grab that cozy spot and spend the time away with your inner self. If you want something out-doors, then a stroll in the park, a brunch at the local café or lunch at your favorite restaurant can really help. You might as well consider switching tosome music and dancing yourself crazy. No matter what you choose, take yourself only and chat away.

Let’s face it, we need some me time now and then because we need to love ourselves too.

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Chadni Panmar
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